Counselling Services

Life Coaching can help you live a life according to your values, strengths and vision, empowering you to take control.


Personal development - Is a form of coaching that focuses on self-evaluating and assessing your strengths and weaknesses to improve a certain aspect of your life.

Interpersonal relationships - It’s the quality of or our relationships that ultimately determine our success in life. Popular people always show appreciation for others and practise good social skills. If you develop you interpersonal skills you are more able to empathise and communicate effectively with others

Self-esteem - Most authorities would agree that healthy self-esteem, which refers to a person’s belief, is a necessary condition for a happy and fulfilling life. Our self image, linked to our self-esteem, defines and limits our possibilities, by expanding you self-image you expand your range of possibilities, therefore programming yourself for success.

Assertiveness - Learn how to honestly communicate your emotions in a way that does not abuse others. Assertiveness is the flexible pursuit of having your preferences met, our opinions voiced, our emotions and beliefs communicate in an appropriate way.

Communication - the ability to communicate effectively is perhaps the most critical skill for anyone not just a work but in life in general. Over 80% of our waking day is spent in either sending or receiving information, this consists of three elements, a sender, a message, a receiver and there all sorts of reasons why communication can go wrong.

Without effective communication nothing can be achieved, the more effective you are at communication the more likely you are to achieve what you want.




Work/Life Balance
- Much of our stress and anxiety in life emanates from poor life balance. We are challenged today to dividing our time between everything we deem to be important. Better life balance can mean less tension in your life, by learning to prioritise your needs you can achieve more equilibrium and stability in our life.

Adversity - The road to success often travels through adversity.  Learn how adversity can give perspective, bring out hidden potential encourage us to make changes and take action. Adversity can teach us to be grateful, through problems and difficulties, especially those which involve loss and deprivation, one can develop a deeper appreciation of many aspects of one’s life.

Loss Counselling - There are many facets of loss. From loss of a loved one to loss employment and loss of health. Loss is an intricate part our lives, and something we will face at some time in our lives. Empathic counselling can be a great source of support in times of loss and grief.

Emotional distress/ General Counselling - Sometimes you may feel that simply just sitting down with someone who can help put your feelings into perspective may be beneficial. If you can’t put your finger on an exact problem and just want to chat with someone who isn’t involved in your life, counselling may be useful.

The sessions take place in a private confidential setting   where there is opportunity to focus on personal difficulties or general feelings of dissatisfaction. In counselling you can explore aspects of your life and talk about them openly that may not be possible with family or friends. You may seek therapy to discover what is important to you so that you are able to live the life you really want and improve your health and well being,

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