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'Embrace the Glory that is within You'

My career to date has been varied from Construction, The Caring Industry to Sailing Charter Captain. This has enabled me to acquire skills and ability to relate and communicate with people of all ages and from diverse backgrounds. I am very much a people orientated person and enjoy situations where success can be measured by achieved results.

I am open minded, good humoured, friendly, resourceful and possess an optimistic outlook on all aspects of life. I believe I have an enthusiastic and supportive disposition, passionate about Life Coaching and dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

My philosophy and world view is:- that there isnít anything more rewarding than being able to make a difference in someoneís life. Life is a voyage of adventure, an adventure with no limitations. No ship is destined to stay in port, but to voyage. I invite you to embark upon a voyage of heart and soul to see whatís there to discover in your life voyage.

However you view your life and whatever your ideal may be, you can be sure it will involve doing something which is fulfilling and stimulating. You will not voyage alone. This voyage of adventure will take courage, determination and commitment. In return, I give you my pledge to have absolute faith in your abilities, to encourage, empower and support you in believing in yourself so that you can unlock the door to your creativity and potential.

My greatest joy is seeing people move from self-doubt and uncertainty into certainty and confidence. Thus, achieving what they never thought possible.

Dip, in Personal & Community Coaching AC & ILM (accredited)
UU FdSc in Counselling & Psychotherapy NCS (accredited)
Membership of the National Counselling Society membership no 16-03167

Life coach Dee

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